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Marisa Jelicks BOARD MEMBER

Marisa Jelicks
Liberty Mutual Insurance


Marisa has more than 28 years of property claim adjusting experience in various technical and managerial roles. Marisa joined Liberty Mutual in January 2005 and is currently a Senior Litigation Claims Examiner for North America. In addition to examining complex commercial litigated matters, Marisa provides technical support and oversight on large complex loss global Shared and Layered/Assumed Reinsurance claims and “Sinkhole” losses.Prior to joining Liberty Mutual, Marisa worked for Nationwide Insurance and Travelers Insurance where she maintained several different technical and team leadership roles primarily in the Property lines of business.

Marisa holds a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Maryland. She sits on the board of directors of the Loss Executives Association and maintains all required General Adjusters licenses. Marisa has been a Speaker/Panelist on first party related seminars including the PLRB.


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