Upcoming Event

88th Spring & Education Conference

June 12 - June 14, 2019

Fairmont Southampton
101 South Shore Road
Southampton , Bermuda SN02

IMPORTANT:Here are some things you need to know about Registration and Hotel Reservations

1.We will be opening the LEA Block Rate availability in two stages: On March 12 – 13, 2019 to Regular Members only and on March 14 on for all other LEA Members and Guests.

2.You MUST register for the meeting in order to make your hotel reservation and get the LEA rates.This is the only way to register and obtain the group rate for the main meeting nights (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday).

3.When you register for the meeting you will be automatically directed to the Hotel Website to make your reservation

4.There are a limited number of rooms available in the LEA block at the rate of $329.00 with priority given to Regular members and are only available on the main meeting nights of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

5.Once the LEA block rate is $329 is full, rooms will be available at the Hotel’s next best available rate.

6.If you wish to book rooms Pre or Post meeting you will have to make those reservations directly with the hotel at www.fairmont.com/southampton-bermuda.com which will be at their best available rate.



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Contact Peggy Reilly or Gaby Suliman | 201-569-3346

Event Pricing

Regular Member $185.00

Associate Member $425.00

Retired Member $185.00

Spouse Member $185.00

Guest - Regular $185.00

Guest - Associate $555.00

Activity Pricing

Edward R. Reilly Golf Outiing$175.00

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Event Details

Dear LEA Member and Guests,

On behalf of the LEA Board of Directors, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the LEA’s 88th Annual Educational Summer Conference at the Fairmont Southampton Princess Bermuda Beach Resort.

For this conference, we are providing a choice of three separate Two Hour workshops followed by a choice of three separate One Hour sessions, all of which qualify for Continuing Education credits.

The General Session includes segments by Phil Goodwin, of Lloyds who will be presenting on CAT Response: a Lloyd’s Perspective. We will also have an update from Nick Williams of Brexit on General Future Forecasting. Followed by a presentation from Former Bermuda Premier, Sir John Swan on the History of the Bermuda Insurance Market.All of these topics should prove to be very interesting, informative and generate discussion amongst the audience. 

The workshops and sessions include a variety of topics such as Reinsurance: The Relationship Between Primary Insurers and Reinsurers, Captives: Friend or Foe, Cyber Incidents: Crisis Response and Claims Handling, Valued Policy Laws for Property Insurance Adjusters and Consultants, , Killer Drones: Disruption Today, Destruction Tomorrow, How OIL Works.These presentations will provide a balanced and informative program which we hope you will find entertaining and educational.

As a gentle reminder, for those attendees requiring Continuing Education credits, please remember that CE forms are to be signed by only an authorized LEA CE delegate and/or by the instructor of each session.No partial credit will be given.Attendees must attend the full sessions to receive CE credit for that session. All forms, including your license number, are to be submitted at the close of the conference.There will be no exceptions for credit if your forms are not submitted and for missing license numbers.

In addition, by attending the LEA session you consent that your picture may be in one of the wonderful photographs that are taken during the LEA conference. The photos may be published or otherwise used by the LEA, which retains exclusive ownership thereof and this consent is voluntary with no expectation of compensation now or in the future. If you do not wish you photo to be taken, simply tell our roving photographer and she will be more than happy to accommodate your request.

We are extremely pleased to be moving to Bermuda and look forward to an educational and successful meeting.

Best Regards,

Paul Aviles



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